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Pompeiano Collection

Special Wall and Floor Coatings

POMPEIANO is a decorative coating system with an unique "stratched grain" finish, that recalls the aged wall effects. POMPEIANO, with its particle composition and shaded effects, hides easily surfaces imperfections, and it is the ideal finish for residential and commercial buildings. POMPEIANO is tough, water resistant durable, resistant to scratch and to abrasion.

COLOURS: 18 standard colours. Other coloured available by “I Restauri” Tinthosystem.


New walls: apply the product only on a smooth surfaces. 
Apply one coat of SAIFSEAL ACRYL 300% or SAIFSEAL DUR 200%. When dried, apply a coat of MICRO 500 ( 20% dilution) to uniform the surface. 
As alternatively, on sound and seasoned wall, can be applied one or two coats of SAIFSEAL COAT QUARTZ.
Old walls: old dusty coats should be remove, brush off all falking or dusty particles. Fix the cleaned surface by one coat of SAIFSEAL ACRYL 300%, dilution minimum 300% by water, or SAIFSEAL PRIMER.


Add to POMPEIANO white a pigmenting dose (either supplied by Saif or by Saif tintomachine ). Mix slowly and gently by a large spatula. Do not use mechanical tools. Apply tinted POMPEIANO by brush spreading it uniformly on the wall. After 10 minutes (depending on temperature and humidity) press the applied surface by a plastic trowel with vertical movements. The final effect reached immediately, determined by the creativity of the applicator and the direction of the trowel strokes.

Binding agent: styro - acryl 

Specific weight: 1,02 kg /lt.±1%

Viscosity: 30.000 CPS to 20°C S.4 RPM 5 ± 10%

% Solid of volume: 15%± 2

pH: 6,5-7,1

Preservation temperature: from + 5 to + 50° C.

Application temperature: from + 5 to + 30° C.

Shelf life: dry and fresh store, packed and sealed 6 months 
at least

Dilution: ready to use.

Drying time: 6 hour touch dry. 

Consumption: from 0,300 to 0,400 lt/mq.

Packing: 0,750 lt - 2,5 lt