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Semiprecious stones

Among the four anarchists innovations Amazing Stone, the labradorite is commonly known as "Black Moonstone," and comes from the islands near Labrador in Canada. Famed for its hypnotic blend of bright colors - blue, purple, gold, yellow and ink - the labradorite is the reflection and the viscosity of the wings of the butterfly is synonymous with the qualities of mental alertness and insight. The semi-precious stone that will seems to get different colors depending on the difference in refraction of light, and is said to bring concentration and focus on the surroundings.

Our experience in finding and extracting the rock that ensures each finished surface captures the colorful beauty of labradorite and truly reflects the art of nature

Physical Properties: Hardness 6 to 6.5, Refractive index: 1.56 to 1.57

Therapeutic Properties: Increases wisdom and understanding, protects the aura.