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Not only man has his own personal style. Buildings also have individual characteristics and features – presented to the outside world by the facade, floors and walls with its specific details. A harmonic and unique appearance, however, is only obtained if the surface’s protection and design are individually tailored to match the respective constructive style.

This is why DALINNE has developed Concrete Collections, which fulfil the requirements of each surfaces, using high-quality products which offer reliable, durable all-round protection as well as various design options. DALINNE provide surfaces with aesthetic expressiveness and impeccable beauty that lasts years.


More and more people feel the need to freely choose the material features of their own environment, be this a house, a shop, a work or a public place.

At the same time, the lack of a prevailing culture or rather the lack of a universally and commonly widespread taste, which had so far distinguished every historical era, determines a variety of choices among materials, range of colours, finish methods. Today, we can say that everything is used and choices regarding trends, fashions and styles are almost individual and ungovernable.

Within this deep aesthetic change, linked to ethnic melting pot, globalization and mass media effects, the aim is to find settled and reliable materials as regards technical features, resistance, life and price, but still able each time to modify their appearance and suit individual taste with the right colour, nuance, decoration and finish.

The dream of a versatile material that just like a tailor-made suit can perfectly fit everyone’s characteristics. Such material exists now and it is resin, with its countless ranges of colours- hereinjust a few examples, the variety of decorations, tone-on-tone finishes, shades, high or low colour contrasts. And more: unusual finishes by adding objects like leaves, shells or other fragments, drowning weaves, threads, leaving impressions, choosing the ideal solution among ultra-gloss, gloss, satin, matt, rough finishes. An extremely ductile material that can be applied on old floorings, concrete surfaces and irregular or warped floors.

The result of continuous research in applied chemistry, resin is nowadays the main element around which a new concept of design is being developed, thanks to all the above mentioned features and many more, such as elasticity, resistance, short application time, easy cleaning and maintenance and the low costs it entails.

A material that does not impose a specific direction, but satisfies every design requirement and style. Resin is a real act of freedom within creative processes, free from the constraints of ceramic and stone materials, it presents itself as a pure surface, an uninterrupted and unbroken plane. In a sense, resin is, among materials, the one that best represents contemporary times.

This is best proved by the countless colour varieties: from all shades of grey, as far the most popular colour (think for example about fashion showrooms, bars and pubs, galleries, lofts and so on) to the range of reds, bright greens, yellows and soft 50s-style colours that are currently quickly gaining ground.

Versatile and able to change its appearance, in a continuous metamorphosis like a perfect “Zelig” among materials, resin is always up-to-date with the evolution of taste and contemporary design. 


We change the resurfacing technique of most places in the house, with the largest collection of concrete floors, Pietra Antica (old stone surfaces , monolithic), quartz stone or marble floors of all sizes (Stone Carpet Strizo), special monolithic surfaces without joints,for every taste and style, as well as a large selection of slabs and tiles made of gemstones in unique designs worldwide.

(Partners with RAPID MIX, STRIZO Synthetics, SAIF spa and Amazing Stone).

We remodel with efficiency and respect to the environment:
  • Floors interior and exterior made of old concrete, tiles, marble and mosaics.
  • Bathrooms and showers made of old tiles, marble and mosaics, as well as new constructions.
  • Kitchen countertops and all kinds of wooden furniture.
  • Fireplaces indoor and outdoor (fire pits).
  • Balconies, terraces, courtyards.
  • Pools with salt and fresh water.
  • Furniture, mirrors, lamps !!
  • New and old buildings with External Insulation Systems for energy savings up to 40%
We work with special technicians for the toughest applications.
We train teams and individuals to make applications themselves.
In our showroom you will see all our products applied on floors, bathrooms, countertops, furniture and a collection of 1,000 different kinds of decorative surfaces.



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