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Exterior Insulation Systems

Your own four walls not only protect you from rain, wind, cold or heat, they are also the place where you feel warm and secure. We all know: the colder the weather outside the more comfortable we feel inside. All the more so if the proper thermal insulation of the outside walls provides a pleasant and healthy climate, which makes you feel at home. This is why DALINNE has developed External Wall Insulation Systems which effectively protect buildings,enhance their beauty and increase their value. DALINNE save precious heating energy, making you feel warm, cosy and relaxed in your own home.

Heat is energy. Energy is not inexhaustible and not available for free. Therefore, responsible construction is more important than ever in order to protect the environment and our resources, to use heating energy more efficiently and to reduce CO2 emissions. This is where modern and efficient thermal insulation comes in. This also considerably improves the climate in our homes, while at the same time saving costs. The economical DALINNE insulation systems offer ideal solutions for every building. Whether you want to reconstruct an old building, plan to construct a new one or intend to renovate an existing complex: profit from our planning service. DALINNE provides you with competent advice on all matters concerning the design of facades with DALINNE insulation systems.