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Application Instructions

Orion Collection

ORION is a continous coating for exterior walls based on acryl binder and selected italian marble grains. Mainly used for protection of exterior walls due to its resistance to weathering agents, today, thanks to the granite look and colours softness, ORION is applied successfully also on interior walls. 

Public places, stair cases and lobbies covered by ORION; look precious and strong at the same time.
ORION can be supplied in two types: “F” 0,7 – 1,2 mm.
“R” 1,2 – 1,8 mm.

COLOUR: 28 standard natural marble coloured colours.


WALL plaster: apply one coat of coloured SAIFSEAL COAT QUARTZ matching next ORION application 20% by water.
Wood: apply one coat of OPALITE dilution 5% white spirit. Let it dry completely then apply one coat of SAIFSEAL COAT QUARTZ on exterior.
Old walls: brush and take off any dust or flaking old paint. Apply one coat of SAIFSEAL DUR or SAIFSEAL PLYO on exterior, then apply on coat of coloured SAIFSEAL COAT QUARTZ.


mix thoroughly ORION before application. This operation is very important and can be done by mechanical tools, until the material is milky and soft. Spread the paste on the wall by stainless trowel. Take out any excess of material, keeping the trowel a little edged, in order to level the thickness. After few minutes, (according to temperature and humidity) press the applied paste to compact it keeping the trowel almost flat on the wall, often cleaning the tool, and keeping it wet by clean water. Do not apply on windy weather, under the sun or rain. Protect the applied wall against rain for at least 24 h. Do not apply when the temperature is lower then 10° or when the temperature is expected to go below +5° in the next 24 h.


Taurus can be protected, to improve water resistance, water repellency and to reduce maintenance, by a coat of solvent based Xilodecor (see data sheet) for exterior application and by water based Vetrificante (see data sheet) satin finish for interior application.


REV. 0
DEL 11/11/2001

Binding agent: Styro-acryl. 

Specific weight: 1,69 kg /lt.± 1%

Viscosity: 820000 CPS at 20° C S.6 RPM 0,5 ± 10%

% solid of volume: 83%± 2

pH: 8,5

Preservation temperature: from + 5 to + 45° C.

Application temperature: from + 10° to + 35° C.

Shelf life: dry and fresh store,18 months. 

Dilution: ready to use.

Drying time: 3 hours touch dry. 
96 hours completely dry.

Consumption: “F” 3 - 3,5 kg/mq. 
“R” 4-4,5 kg/mq

Packing: 5 kg - 25 kg.