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Microfast Collection

Smoothing product in paste formfor floors anwalls

MICROFAST is a ready-to-use single-component over lay in paste form, suitable for floorsand walls.There are two versions, MICROFAST BASIC and MICROFAST  SLIM.

MICROFAST BASIC and MICROFAST SLIM can be coloured using Rapid Mix toner.

Features (test conditions:  23°C and 50%u.r)






Max. dimension of aggregate



Consumption per eachcoat

0,7- 1,0kg/m2

0,4 – 0,7kg/m2

Maximum thickness per eachcoat



Set to light foottraffic




  • Decorative substrate suitable for coverings with EPOXYCOVER 150, POLYCOVER 104W, our new polyurethane single-component resins and with all products of AQUAline.                                           

Preparation of surfaces

The surface must be perfectly levelled, clean, free of dustand in coherent parts.

Proceed with athorough cleaning a store move any dust residues that could prevent correct adhesion. CEMENT SURFACES MUST BE COMPLETELY DRY AND INSULATED WITH LATEX 200.  On powdering surfaces, it is necessary applying a coat of FIX20 to strengthen, uniform the absorption and facilitate the application of MICROFAST BASIC. With a long nap roller, apply a coat of LATEX 200, not diluted, between each layer of MICROFAST BASIC. Apply the product with the fresh-on-fresh method.

Preparation and spreading of mix

For vertical applications, put in the first layer of product a 60-70 g/m2 net. For horizontal applications, laythe60-70 g/m2 net then apply LATEX 200 and with the ‘fresh on fresh’ method, spread a first coat of MICROFAST BASIC using a stainless steel spatula.  MICROFAST BASIC is a ready-to-use product, use it in the first coat in its neutral colour. Mix the product with a mechanicalstirrer before use.

Apply MICROFAST BASIC second coat (with a stainless steel spatula), after 4-6 hours, depending on environmental conditions. Product preparation: add the pre-dosed quantity of toner, provided by RapidMix, in a MICROFAST BASIC bucket and mix until a uniform mixture is obtained. After 4-6 hours, sandpaper the surface using a suitable abrasive product and remove dusts.(use a 180-240 sandpaper)

Apply MICROFAST SLIM using a stainless steel spatula. Product preparation: add the pre-dosed quantityoftoner, provided by Rapid Mix, in a MICROFAST SLIM bucket add the coloured toner and mix until a uniformmixture is obtained. Wait for the total drying of the product.

It is recommended to sandpaper MICROFAST SLIM before applying epoxy or polyurethane finishes. Finishes coating can be applied after 6hours.

Product performances are guaranteed only after 7 days of curingafter the application of the last finishingcoat

Rules to be observed during product preparation and  application.

Always wear protective gloves and eye wear when mixing and applying the product. Incase of contact with the eyes, immediately and repeatedly wash with a jet of water and visit the first-aid post.


Tools are easily cleaned with warm water within one hour from product application. Once hardened, it can be removed with acetone or ethylalcohol.


  • Do not leave packages open for a long time,
  • Do not use at temperatures below +5oC and adove +35oC
  • Do not add water or additives for not altering mechanical properties.
  • While applying the product and during the following days do not heat rooms with heat generators.
  • In case of subsequent use of the same package avoid solid residues from falling into the fresh product.


Consumption of MICROFAST BASIC is 0.7-1.0kg/m2 per coat.

Consumption of MICROFAST SLIM is 0.4-0.7kg/m2 per coat.


MICROFAST is available in 15 kg and 5 kg buckets.


MICROFAST is stable for at least 6 months if kept in a dry and protected environment.



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