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Application Instructions

Concrete Classic

Premixed cement over lay for floors and  walls


DECO BN is a single-component powderoverlay containing cement, selected silica aggregates and special additives.

DECO BN is suitable for levelling and smoothingoutconcrete surfaces and substrates in generalbefore installing floors and coatings.

DECO BN is especially suitable for installing surfaces decorated with water-based acrylic paints.

Mix DECO BN with LATEX 200 so as to increase adhesion to very smooth surfaces (ceramic,glass mosaic, floor tiles etc.), as well as flexural strength and surface abrasion.

Features (test conditions: 23°C and 50%R.H.)

Appearance                                              Fine powder

Colour                                                     White

Max. dimension of aggregate                     200_m

Apparent specific weight                            1.55kg/dm3

Specific weight of mixed product                1.65kg/dm3

Mix water                                                 40% (5l of water + 5l of LATEX 200 per 25 kg bag)

Consumption                                            1.5 kg/m2 per mm of thickness

Pot life                                                     2hours

pH of mixed product                                  >12

Application thickness per coat                     from 1 mm to 3mm

Flexural strength after 28 days                   3.5N/mm2

Compression strength after 28 days           32N/mm2

Hazard class                                             irritating. Safety sheet available on request


•    Realization of decorated surfaces to befinished with EPOXYCOVER 150, POLYCOVER104W, EPOFINISH and            AQUAproducts.

•    Top-layer finish of cured traditional plasterswith lime-cementbase.

•    Overlaying of pre-fabricated concretesurfacessuch as pillars, panels andbeams.

•    Filling  of  micro-cracks  and  irregularparts





Preparation of surfaces


The surface must be perfectly clean, free of dust and in coherent parts.



In the case of dirt, clean the surface well so as to remove any dust residues that could prevent correct adhesion.

With a long nap roller, apply a coat of LATEX200, not diluted,between each layer of DECOBN. This improves adhesion to the surface and facilitates the application of DECOBN. Apply the product with the fresh-on-fresh method.

Preparation and spreading of mix

In a container with about 5 litres of clean water and 5 litres of LATEX 200, slowly pour a 25 kg bag of DECO BN while shaking. Mix for a few minutes at low rpm until a uniform mix isobtained without any lumps.

Do not prepare the mix without the aid of a mechanical stirrer.

Spread DECO BN with a trowel, a metal smooth spatula or a metal float.

In case of more subsequent layers, wait about 24 hours between each layer.

Drying time of DECO BN varies according to layer thickness, surface absorption, air humidity, temperature and ventilation.

A general drying time between 6hours and 24hours must be considered.

To upgrade flexural strength, resistance to abrasion and adhesion to the surface, it is best to add about 5 litres of water and 5 litres of LATEX 200 per 25 kg bag of DECOBN powder. The mix thus obtained can easily be worked and spread.

Fix 20

Surface preparation

Surfaces to be treated with FIX 20 must be sturdy, compact and clean. Remove all incoherent and aky parts, traces of oil, formrelease agents, paints and dirt in general. If necessary, ll cracks and degraded parts. FEATURES (test conditions: 23°C and 50% u.r.) Appearance White liquid Density 1 kg/l Solid residue (%) ~15% Application temperature Average consumption pH 7-8 from +5°C to + 35°C Product preparation and application FIX 20 is a ready-to-use product, however it is best to mix before using. Apply FIX 20 with a brush, a roller or by spraying until the surface is saturated. On high-absorption surfaces it is best to apply a second coat a few hours after the rst one. 


Preparation of surfaces

AQUAMATT-GLOSS-SATINE is generally applied on cement surfaces, therefore make sure these are completely cured. Surfaces suitable to AQUAMATT-GLOSS-SATINE coating must be sturdy, compact, clean and dry. Remove any traces of greases, oils and dust before applying the product.

Preparation and spreading of mix

Pour component A (resin) into component B (hardener) and mix carefully for 2-3 minutes with a suitable tool until a uniform and fluid solution is obtained. Apply the product with a short-nap roller, being careful to spread it all over the surface. After 12-24 hours apply a second coat so as to have a uniform matt finish. Do not leave stagnant areas of product on the surface. Workability time varies considerably according to surface and room temperature and can drop as the temperature increases.


Rules to be observed during product preparation and application

DECOBN contains special hydraulic binders which, in contact with the skin, can causes ensitisation.

Always use protective gloves and eyewear when mixing and applying the products.



Tools should be cleaned with water while is still fresh. Once hardened, the product can only be removed mechanically.




•     Do not use at temperature below +5°C and above+35°C

•     Do not apply DECO BN in a thickness above 3mm per coat.

•     Do not use damaged or open bags.

•     Do not add lime, cement, gypsumor aggregates to DECOBN.

•     Do not add water to restore work ability of the product during hardening.