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Application Instructions

Characteristics Latex 200

Latex 200

Synthetic latex for cement mortars

LATEX 200 is a water dispersion of a special elastomeric synthetic polymer resistant to alkaline saponification. Added to cement mixes it upgrades workability, "exural strength and abrasion resistance. LATEX 200 is used to modify cement mortars wherever product elasticity, waterproo!ng, resistance to weather conditions and to frost-defrost cycles are required. Thanks to its special composition, LATEX 200 is resistant to polyvalent ions and thus also to calcium ion. For this reason it is ideal for all lime and cement-based systems. 
 Features (test conditions: 23°C and 50%R.H.)


Appearance                                                    milky liquid

Colour                                                                    white

Density                                                                1.02kg/l

Solid residue(%)                                                   38%

Application temperature                         from +5°C to +35°C       

Brookfield viscosity[MPa*s]                               1600

Theoretical consumption                   variable according touse

pH                                                                             5-7

Application time                                                40-60min

Compatibility                                  specific with limes and cements

Hazard class                                                        None.

                                                      Safety sheet available on request



· Additive to increase adhesion and mechanical strength of cement mortars for screeds, plasters, low-thickness overlays, etc.
· Additive for cement grouts used to promote anchoring before casting adhering screeds or overlays on old concrete surfaces.
· Modifer of lime-based mortars used as "exible insulating overlays wherever product elasticity, waterproofing and weather resistance are required.
· Primer of anchoring mortars and overlays on surfaces with difficult adhesion.

Surface preparation Surfaces must be sturdy, compact and clean. Remove all incoherent and "aky parts, traces of oil, form-release agents, paints and dirt in general by adequately brushing or pressure cleaning. 

Product prepration and application
If LATEX 200 is used as anchoring promoter on surfaces with difficult adhesion, it is advisable not to dilute the product and apply it with a brush or a roller. Wait for the coat to become sticky and subsequent apply the mortar. If LATEX 200 is used as additive for mortars, pour the latex in a clean bucket and dilute it with water according to the selected ratio for the speci!c application. Pour this solution in the concrete mixer and add the powder of the mortar. Mix until a uniform composition is obtained. 

Always wear protective gloves and eyewear when mixing and applying the product. In case of contact with the eyes, immediately and repeatedly wash with water and visit the first-aid post.

· The product is suceptible to frost. Store at temperatures above +5°C.
· Do not use mixes containing LATEX 200 at temperatures below + 5°C and above + 35°C.
· On very hot and/or windy days, the mortars containing LATEX 200 must be protected with suitable sheets during the hours immediately after application to prevent drying being too quick.
· Do not expose to direct sunlight.
· Protect against the weather during the !rst 24 hours after application.
· The use of LATEX 200 upgrades mix performance but does not exempt the operator from following the rules of good use of products containing the additive.